Amputees launch “Limbination” – show your stump with pride on social media

limbcareAmputees across the UK are being challenged to reveal their stumps with pride after Facebook recently removed the image of an amputee’s stump as they felt it was “offensive”.

Amputees’ charity Limbcare is disappointed by the action and has launched a campaign urging those who’ve lost limbs to share videos or images of their stumps with pride on social media.

“Limbination: Pride Don’t Hide!” follows the Ice Bucket Challenge format; amputees are encouraged to post a video of their residual limb and nominate fellow amputees to do the same.

There is a serious side to this challenge as Limbcare founder Ray Edwards MBE, a quadruple amputee himself, explains:  “We feel this action by Facebook undermines how amputees are perceived by corporations and the public in general.  Taking down this image is tantamount to sweeping us under the carpet, and we won’t be hidden away.  With Limbination we are showing our residual limbs and nominating fellow amputees to do the same in order to bring awareness and acceptance and to raise much needed funds to support those who’ve lost limbs, and their families.”

Ray gets the ball rolling with this video on YouTube:  http://

Limbination hopes to reach all 110,000 registered amputees in the UK and is asking for donations of just £3 where possible.  If you can afford it please text ( LIMB01 £3 ) to 70070 to donate £3.

About Limbcare

Limbcare is a charity offering hope, advice and peer support to the limb impaired their families and carers. http://  Support line: 0800 052 1174. Follow on Twitter: @LimbcareUK, Like on Facebook: /Limbcare-UK

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