Action Duchenne hosts International Conference

Action Duchenne will once again be hosting the International Duchenne Conference.

Now in its 10th year, the conference is focusing on the development and delivery of the first genetic medicines that are expected to become available within the next couple of years, and Action Duchenne’s ground breaking SkipDuchenne campaign. There will be in depth presentations from academics and scientists from around the globe highlighting the progress of research to date into finding viable treatments for this currently incurable condition. The conference has an entire stream dedicated to ‘Takin’ Charge’, a programme launched by Action Duchenne aiming to help those living with Duchenne to take more control of their care requirements, living arrangements and job opportunities as they mature.

High profile speakers include representatives from Great Ormond Street Hospital, University College London, Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Reading, and Newcastle; biotechs including, GSK, Prosensa, Sarepta (previously called AVI BioPharma); and other organisations including Care NMD and MDEX. There will be speakers from the UK, USA, France, Australia, and the Netherlands, talking about potential treatments for Duchenne including exon skipping, stem cell therapy, gene replacement, and various therapies for those living with Duchenne.

Paul Lenihan, National Director for Action Duchenne said; “This year’s conference is set to be the largest in our ten year history. We are now excitingly close to the first genetic treatment for Duchenne, but there is still much to do. We need to get these treatments into the clinic as soon as possible because our young people living with Duchenne which is a life limiting condition, don’t have time to wait. Our focus is very much on driving research and development of treatments for Duchenne and then delivering them to patients, as quickly as possible.”

For more information on Action Duchenne and Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, and to book your place at the conference, please visit:

More information

International Duchenne Conference
Holiday Inn, Bloomsbury, London
9 – 10 November 2012

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