A great sporting weekend for Arden College students

Ryan Chaunce

Courtesy of Ryan Chaunce

Students at Arden College, a special education college based in Southport, raced ahead in the fundraising stakes at the weekend after taking part in a charity bike ride.

Michael Clague and two of his peers, together with their support staff from Arden College in Southport, completed the 75 mile Bucket and Spade Charity ride on Saturday 15 June.

Michael received support from his staff member as well as his father, sister, uncle and family friend who also joined the ride.

Michael, who has learning difficulties, managed to cycle the entire distance without travelling on the support vehicle.  This was the second year that Michael has completed the ride.

Hamish McFarlane, another student from Arden College, also took part in the Bucket and Spade Charity ride. 

The organisers of the ride accomodated Hamish by allowing him to alternate between cycling and travelling on the support vehicle.  Hamish participated in the North West Special Olympics race day at Rossendale Ski club the day after the Bucket and Spade Charity bike ride.  Hamish came away with two gold medals.

Arden College is part of the Priory group and specialises in working with students that have learning difficulties. The students practised for weeks leading up to the bike ride and spent hours either in the gym, off road or on road cycling.  The students together with their staff members managed to raise a few hundred pounds for their individual chosen charities.

Find out more about the Priory group’s services at www.priorygroup.com

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