New wetroom a ‘lifeline’ for arthritis patient Samantha

Mr and Mrs ScullAn arthritis patient who couldn’t access her own bathroom because of the debilitating condition has had her life transformed by a new wetroom.

Samantha Scull, 42, received the new wetroom through the Impey Cares scheme, run by wetroom specialists Impey Showers.

Impey Cares was set up in 2012 to represent the interests of vulnerable, disabled and elderly people, and raise awareness of the increasingly difficult situation following the government’s austerity measures which has resulted in funding cuts.

The company has committed to continue Impey Cares into 2013 – fitting one wetroom each quarter – because of the huge number of people they discovered living without adequate wetroom facilities.

Samantha and husband Paul from Chippenham are the latest family to benefit.

Samantha was diagnosed with arthritis in 1995 at the age of only 25, and over the years has seen a severe deterioration in her health because of the condition, which now affects many of her main joints and drastically restricts her mobility.

The situation had got so desperate that over the past year the 42-year-old had been living from her lounge – eating, sleeping and even washing there because she could not get upstairs.

The couple were refused full Disabled Facilities Grant funding for any adaptations to be carried out because husband Paul has a full-time job in a supermarket, and Samantha receives Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) because she is unable to work.

The bathroom before

The bathroom before

A means-tested assessment concluded they would have to pay £14,000 towards the cost of any project – more than the work required would cost.

With a mortgage and other general living expenses to cover each month, they had no spare cash to fund the work themselves.

But now, thanks to the Impey Cares scheme, Samantha’s life has been transformed.

Lynne Langdale, the Scull’s caseworker from Aster Living Care and Repair home improvement agency, made the nomination to Impey Cares on Samantha and Paul’s behalf.

At the same time, Lynne also applied for funds from the Chippenham Borough Lands Charity to install a stairlift at their home, opening up access for Samantha to the first floor of her house.

Lynne said: “I wanted to do something to help. They were the most worthy, deserving couple I’d seen in my time as a caseworker and I wanted to do something to improve their situation.

“Because of her condition Samantha was unable to do anything without her husband’s support. She was trapped in her own lounge and living without the basic things you’d expect to have in everyday life.

“I’d heard about Impey Cares through work and I thought the Sculls would be the ideal family to benefit from such a wonderful scheme.”

Now the old, inaccessible bathroom has been transformed using Impey’s innovative bathroom products including a level access shower featuring EasyFit wet floor former, Impey Freedom air assisted shower doors and Maxi-Grip hand rails.

Lynne added: “The new wetroom is absolutely amazing – it’s making such a difference.

“Samantha is thrilled with it and so grateful to everyone at Impey Showers for what they have done and showing they care.

“The wetroom has given Samantha and Paul a lifeline to be able to function like a normal family again.”

Samantha said she was so pleased to have been selected for the new wetroom, adding: “Paul and I cannot express our thanks enough to Impey Showers for providing this wonderful wetroom.

The end result

The end result

“It will change our lives forever, giving me some of my independence back and a better quality of life. We are so grateful and will never forget what Impey has done for us.”

Alex Longden, Marketing Manager at Impey Showers, said: “We’re thrilled with the difference the new wetroom is making to Samantha and Paul’s lives.

“Independent living is a basic human right, and we look forward to helping more people experience the life-changing difference a wetroom can bring.”

Nominations are now being invited for Impey Cares adaptations to be carried out in 2013.

Applications are invited from those with a mobility problem or disability who have no financial means to adapt their own bathrooms, their carers, or their representatives from schools, charities and other not-for-profit organisations.

Visit to make your nomination now.

Follow the Impey Cares campaign online: Send the team a tweet to @impeycares; ‘Like’ them on; and visit to watch video interviews with those who have received a wetroom adaptation and to nominate someone in need.

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