Disabled Access Day 2017

For the third year running, Disabled Access Day returns on 10-12th March to encourage disabled people, friends and family to try visiting somewhere new. We talk to the organisers and ask why this is one event not to be missed

With over 1.3 billion disabled people across the globe, ideally every day would be disabled access day. Sadly, this is not yet the case  – even attractions which claim to be accessible don’t always have everything we need. All too often it can prove to much hassle and you can find yourself asking, ’Is it even worth trying something new?’

“We understand that not every venue meets everyone’s requirements,” says Disabled Access Day coordinator Ryan McMullan. “We see this as a work in progress and hope one day that venues are as accessible for disabled people as possible. But we believe in the spirit of trying something new out as well as going back to places to see if they are as still as good or have improved.”

Disabled Access Day organisers hope the event will help to raise awareness about the importance of disabled access and encourage conversations between disabled people, businesses and venues. Now in its third year,  Disabled Access Day aims to encourage disabled people and their carers to get out and try a new attraction or venue in their area.

Across three days and multiple venues nationwide,  the event seeks to highlight places that offer great accessibility and create an opportunity for disabled people to feel confident exploring somewhere they’ve never been before.

“It’s all about visiting somewhere new, whether that’s a cinema, a gallery, museum or anywhere else,” says Ryan. “It’s also an opportunity for venues and businesses to showcase their accessibility, try something new and engage with new customers.”


Last year over 10,000 people and 1,000 venues took part – from the cafes that offered free coffees to the wide range of attractions and theatres who ran special offers on admission rates on the day. But this year they are hoping to make it bigger than ever.

“We are talking to a number of new and previous venues that are currently in the process of planning their events,” says Ryan.  “We are extremely excited by the ideas and quality of the events and look forward to sharing them at the beginning of 2017.”

And you don’t need to be limited to venues officially taking part. It’s all about doing something you want to do. To help put your mind at ease, try thinking about where you want to go and contact the venue in advance. If they sounds unsure, put them in touch with the DAD team – organisers will be more than happy to help offer advice and suggestions.

“We are always here to answer any questions or queries you may have and we always happy to act as a soundboard, we love hearing new ideas!”

For both individuals and groups, the event offers a fantastic opportunity to connect with you local community, meet new people and experience new adventures.  So the big question now is: “Why NOT try something new?”


Find out more about the event and download tips and resources for free at www.disabledaccessday.com


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