Warming Up for the 6th Annual LimbPower Games!

LimbPower logoLimbPower are gearing up ready for the highlight of their year, the ever-popular LimbPower Games (formerly the Amputee Games) on 18 and 19 May at Stoke Mandeville Stadium, birthplace of the Paralympics.

The event is aimed at Primary Amputees and is therefore the first time that many of the participants have really had the opportunity to see and try for themselves the many sports that are available to them.  Over the years the LimbPower Games has helped hundreds of amputees to gain confidence, improve mobility and find a great new hobby.  The Games have even been responsible for starting some on the road to the Paralympics!

One such person was Martine Wright, the London bombing survivor, and winner of the BBC Helen Rollason Award in 2012, who last year represented TeamGB at the Paralympics in Sitting Volleyball, a sport she first tried at the Amputee Games just four years ago.  Martine said: “I attended the Amputee Games in 2009 after losing both my legs in the 7th July London tube bombings. The event gave me the opportunity to try different Paralympic sports in a relaxed environment but also gave me the opportunity to meet people who had been through similar experiences to myself.  Sport has given me my confidence back, it got me out meeting like-minded people and gave me a goal again and a new dream to work towards. This is all thanks to the Amputee Games and LimbPower for introducing sport back into my life again. So thank you and if anyone is thinking of going, don’t just think about it, just go, you will not look back!!”

Among the sports on offer this year are: Athletics (track & field), cycling, hand cycling, wheelchair racing, archery, table tennis, tennis, badminton, swimming, shooting, powerlifting, basketball, sitting volleyball, football, wheelchair dance sport and fencing.  There will even be belly-dancing classes for those brave enough to give it a go!

Those of us who avidly followed the TV coverage of the Paralympics will also be very familiar with Danny Crates, himself a gold-medal winning Paralympian.  Danny is a strong supporter of LimbPower and the Amputee Games and comments; “The power of sport should not be underestimated in terms of helping rehabilitation and rebuilding confidence for amputees.  The Amputee Games provides a fantastic opportunity for amputees to discover what they are really capable of.”

Thanks to the generous support of Blatchford, a prosthetic service provider, Stewarts Law, Boost Charitable Trust and LimbPower’s fundraising efforts throughout the year, the LimbPower Games is available to participants for a modest registration fee only.  Kiera Roche, LimbPower’s Founder and Chairman said; “This is what it is all about, introducing amputees to the people and organisations who offer an amazing range of sports and activities that can really make a difference to their lives.  Whether it’s just for fun, or with a view to competition, the LimbPower Games allows everyone to set and meet their own challenges, and forge friendships that will last a lifetime.”

Anyone who is interested in finding our more should contact Kiera on 07968760001 or Kiera@limbpower.com

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LimbPower – The British Ambulant Disabled Sports and Arts Foundation was founded in 2009 with the aim of offering relief to the physically disabled by aiding rehabilitation and improving quality of life through the medium of sports and arts.

In addition to the LimbPower Games, LimbPower also run the Junior Amputee Games, introduced in 2012 to allow young amputees aged 6-18 years to try different sports.  The 2013 Junior Amputee Games will be held on 5 and 6 October.


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