The Grizzly Challenge

Colin Edwards - Courtesy of JP Events Photography LTD

Courtesy of JP Events Photography LTD

Colin, aged 57, is an inspiration. Living on the edge of the moors in Devon, Colin successfully ran 630 miles across England’s South West Coastal path over 5 weeks in summer 2011, averaging a half marathon each day. It is very hard to believe that Colin is in fact an amputee.

When he was 19 years old, Colin endured dramatic damage to his right leg after a terrible motorcycle accident. Initially his leg could be saved, but when Colin reached his late 30’s, he suffered chronic pain and complications, resulting in him making the difficult decision to elect to become an amputee.

Colin has an adapted Flex-run™ blade made by Ossur. This blade provides energy return and has a proven record in international competitions. Colin’s blade is also fitted with a heel, giving him stability when running up and down hills, ensuring he doesn’t slip. Colin runs off-road, as the pressure is softer than the harsh impact road running puts on an amputee’s residual limb.

Colin was in desperate need of a comfortable socket for his running prostheses and following a meeting with Dorset Orthopaedic at a Port-er (Prosthetics, Orthotics and Rehabilitation Technology – Education and Research) charity conference, where Colin is a Trustee, he decided to contact the Ringwood clinic to see whether this was possible.

Colin’s Clinician Matthew Hughes explains:

“A socket is vital. You can have the best prostheses in the world, but if the socket is not comfortable, nothing is going to be right in everyday activity, let alone competing in intensive sport that Colin whole-heartedly enjoys.”

Skull SocketFrom Colin’s perspective he explained: “It’s disheartening if you experience pain or discomfort from the socket as you may need a week of recovery time in between runs due to blisters.”

But with his new socket from Dorset Orthopaedic, Colin has been able to train in comfort for his next endeavor – The Grizzly.

The Grizzly is a 20-mile run through muddy, hilly, boggy, beachy terrain along the Jurassic coast in Dorset. Due to be held on the 10th March Colin feels confident, equipped with his new socket and eager to complete The Grizzly for the sixth time.


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