© A. Palermo

© A. Palermo

Is it possible for a holiday to change your life?

Twelve years ago, Martino Florio and Carmelo La Rocca met in a hospital room, each recovering from a serious accident. While Carmelo, having been hit by a drunk driver, regained the use of his legs, Martino’s injuries meant that he was paralysed, and would have to use a wheelchair.

Martino didn’t take it well; paranoia and depression came straight after. Carmelo decided then and there, that he should commit his life to help Martino get through.

As they talked Carmelo shared his passion for scuba diving and in the following months the two men worked together to start the charity “L.I.F.E.”, (Life Improvement For Everyone) focusing on rehabilitation and accessible sports, with the motto: “accept the challenge”.

Martino enjoyed scuba so much that he became the first paraplegic man to dive 59 meters, a Guinness World Record in 2007. L.I.F.E has since gone on to help many other disadvantaged people including young Benedetta Spampinato (blind) who now also holds a Guinness World Record (2009), for deep sea diving.

Now, new social enterprise travel company Seable is connecting Brits with the opportunities of L.I.F.E. with adventure-packed holidays in Sicily. Damiano La Rocca , Director of Seable and also son of Carmelo La Rocca, wants every disabled person in the UK to enjoy a rewarding, exciting, and potentially life changing holiday.

On a Seable trip visually and physically impaired people can enjoy accessible excursion and activities such as scuba, olive oil making, 4×4 driving in Europe’s highest active volcano and jet skiing.




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