Preferred candidate for post of Care Quality Commission chair announced

Following an open and rigorous recruitment exercise, David Prior has emerged as the Government’s preferred candidate for the post of Chair of the Care Quality Commission.

The Secretary of State for Health has today invited the Health Select Committee to hold a public pre-appointment scrutiny hearing and report on the candidate’s suitability for the post, in line with proposals for scrutiny of key positions in which Parliament has an interest.

After a hearing, the Committee will set out its views on the candidate’s suitability for this post.  The Secretary of State will then consider the conclusions of the Committee’s report carefully before deciding whether or not to proceed with the appointment.

David Prior is Chairman of Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals Foundation Trust and Chair of an Academy School. David qualified as a barrister and spent ten years in the Steel Industry. Between 1995-2002 he served in a number of political roles, including as MP for North Norfolk, Deputy Chairman and Chief Executive of the Conservative Party and a member of the Trade and Industry Select Committee. He has been Chair of a wide range of private companies.

About the Care Quality Commission

The Care Quality Commission is the independent regulator of health and adult social care providers in England. CQC ensures that only providers who have made a legal declaration that they meet the essential standards of quality and safety and satisfy the registration process are allowed to enter the market and provide care.

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