New video supporting sled test campaign

Constables Ltd has launched a new video to show their support for Disabled Motoring UK’s sled test campaign.

A sled test is a test carried out on cars which have been adapted for wheelchairs, ensuring complete safety. It’s similar to the ‘crash test dummy’ tests often seen on TV, where a dummy is strapped into a wheelchair in a car, which is then put through head-on collisions to ensure that the seatbelt are strong enough and the wheelchair is secure.

Under current legislation, the sled test isn’t compulsory and some vendors test their wheelchair accessible cars by other means which aren’t as effective. The video, above, shows some shocking footage of cars which don’t pass the sled test, but which have passed others. Disability Motoring UK are asking government ministers to rethink the law, ensuring that all car passengers are guaranteed complete safety.

David Constable, Managing Director of Constables Ltd explained: “Unfortunately some convertors that have followed in my company’s footsteps have been more concerned with profits than safety. Now, because of the lack of regulations and loop holes in the law, there are wheelchair accessible vehicles being sold that have not been crash tested after they have been converted.

“I strongly agree with Disabled Motoring UK that it is a moral and human right for wheelchair users to be able to purchase a converted vehicle that has been properly tested. Companies who convert cars should only be allowed to sell them if they have been successfully tested after conversion – including being sled tested – so the vehicle meets and exceeds the latest European safety standards.”

Watch the video above to find out more.

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