Charity calls on MSPs to support proposed Responsible Parking Bill

Leonard Cheshire Disability logoThe charity Leonard Cheshire Disability is calling on MSPs to offer their support in passing a law which would clamp down on bad parking which is currently endangering the lives of disabled people across Scotland.

Leonard Cheshire Disability, a member of the Responsible Parking Alliance recently responded to a consultation on a proposed piece of legislation called the Responsible Parking (Scotland) Bill. This would see restrictions on pavement parking, dropped kerb parking and double parking being enforced.

This week (Friday 22 February) is the deadline for MSPs to signal their support from the Bill, which has received backing from across the political parties represented at Holyrood.

Jacq Kelly, Policy and Parliamentary Officer for Leonard Cheshire Disability in Scotland, said: “Vehicles parked inconsiderately on pavements, dropped kerbs and raised crossings can make life very difficult for disabled people.”

“There is currently not enough provision to tackle inconsiderate parking. This bill poses a genuine opportunity for change, making lives better for many disabled people, such as wheelchair users and those with visual impairments.”

“We are glad that MSPs from across the chamber recognise the importance of this bill and look forward to working with Sandra White and our partners in the Responsible Parking Alliance to support the Bill, and see it become law.

“Leonard Cheshire Disability would be happy to work with the Government, raising awareness so drivers can understand the negative impact that irresponsible parking and blocked access can have on disabled people.”

Graeme Colgan, who uses a Leonard Cheshire Disability service, took part in the consultation and has faced danger because his path has been blocked by parked cars.

He said: “There is a dropped kerb that I use to get my powered wheelchair onto the road to get into my car and often there are cars parked in front of it. I did ask to get a keep clear sign but was told as it was a footpath they couldn’t.

“Walking from my house down to the town is a nightmare; there is maybe one kerb to get off and then none on the other side so we find ourselves walking on a busy road which the buses also use.

“There is a rugby club on the way down the street, so cars park on the road and when there is no space left they park on the pavement. One time I couldn’t get past on the pavement and couldn’t get off the path so I had to go round the car up a sloping hill which was very dangerous.”

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