Purple Tuesday: paint the town purple

Every year on 2 November, Purple Tuesday encourages businesses around the UK to become more accessible, but the impact can have a lasting effect for years to come.

COP26: Disability’s fight for climate justice

Conversations around climate change are reaching a crescendo as the UK hosts the UN Climate Change Conference, more commonly known as COP26, in Glasgow. Mary Keogh, advocacy director at CBM Global, reveals why disabled voices need to be included.

Menopause awareness: the M word and you

A passage in life that happens to all women and people with a cervix, despite half the population going through the menopause it is still continually misdiagnosed and misunderstood.

Lupus: time to take action

Largely unspoken about, lupus can cause severe damage to the body’s organs, but a lack of awareness is creating long wait times for diagnosis and leaving people living with the condition at risk.

National Inclusion Week: Leading The Valuable 500

Diversity should be at the heart of all businesses, and one organisation is helping to build a more inclusive future. Chief executive at The Valuable 500, Joanna McGrath, reveals what’s next in the global movement.

The language of disability with Kray-Z Legz

As the world reopens, new research shows that language is a barrier in the connection between disabled and non-disabled people. It’s time to talk about the language of disability.

The need for good care during Good Care Month

Carers provide a lifeline for both the people they look after and unpaid carers. This Good CareMonth we celebrate those continually giving back and call for more people in the profession.