Making petrol stations accessible with MyHailo

Credit: MyHailo

For the UK’s 1.9 million licensed disabled drivers, filling up at the petrol station can be a daunting prospect. It can be difficult to manoeuvre out of the car, hold the pump or get the attention of an attendant to help. Some even experience verbal abuse from other drivers for doing so.

The MyHailo system is making petrol stations across the country more accessible. A specially-designed fob allows drivers to simply press a button to summon an attendant for help. Ian Oakley from Coventry has Charcot Marie-Tooth, a progressive neuro-muscular condition which means he has to use a wheelchair: “Before I had MyHailo I would have to flash my lights and sound my horn to get someone in the kiosk to notice my car.

“I would get plenty of strange looks from other drivers; some of them would shout at me. Worrying about how and when I would be able to fill up did stop me travelling too far. MyHailo works and it works well. It has taken so much stress away,” he says.

Credit: MyHailo

Your closest accessible petrol station can be easily identified through the MyHailo interactive map. Once you arrive and press the fob for help a beacon in the petrol station will turn from red to green, assuring you that an attendant is on the way to help.

Edinburgh tops the table of cities where the system, which is endorsed by Disabled Motoring UK, is in use with the highest number of petrol stations signed up to MyHailo per head. There are almost 500 petrol stations nationwide which have the system installed including locations at some major retailers like Asda, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and BP.


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